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Call: 315-443-9322

Email: psoman@syr.edu

Pranav Soman, Ph.D

Pranav Soman, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering

Syracuse Biomaterials Institute | Syracuse University

  1. 2001

    B.S. Mechanical Engineering

    Pune University, India
  2. 2009

    Ph.D. Bioengineering

    Pennsylvania State University

Doctoral Fellow

David Quinn

Doctoral Student

Email: dequin01@syr.edu

Kairui Zhang

Doctoral Student

Email: kzhang04@syr.edu

Arun Poudel

Doctoral Student

Email: arpoudel@syr.edu

Zachary Joseph Geffert

Doctoral Student

Email: zjgeffer@syr.edu

Master Students

Alex Filip

Masters Student

Email: abfilip@syr.edu

Undergraduate Students

Mark James Ransbottom

Undergraduate Student

Email: mjransbo@syr.edu

Bianca Louise Andrada

Undergraduate Researcher

Email: blandrad@syr.edu

Maximillian Meier Wilderman

Undergraduate Researcher

Email: mmwilder@syr.edu

Avinash Jagroo

Undergraduate Researcher

Email: ajagroo@syr.edu

Lukas Cook

Undergraduate Researcher

Email: lcook06@syr.edu

Ryan Mussaw

Undergraduate Researcher

Email: rmmussaw@syr.edu


Zheng Xiong

Doctoral Student

Email: zhxiong@syr.edu

Courtney Rose Ogando

Masters Student

Email: crogando@syr.edu

Yong Chen

2015 master, application scientist at Essen Bioscience

Yibo Wu

2016 master, Clinical Specialist at Boston Scientific

Shihao Yang

2016 master, Johnson&Johnson

Ping Dong

2016 master, PhD at TAMU

Lingyan Weng

2016 undegraduate, Master at UC San Diego

Jiahan Yan

2016 master, master at Cornell University

Liang Yang

2016 master, PhD at Yale University

Melissa Gerwitz

2016 undergraduate

Lucas Albrecht

2017 master, Biomedical Engineer at Southern Research

Sanika Suvarnapathaki

2017 master, PhD at University of Massachusetts

Andrew Ramos

2017 undergraduate, PhD at Oxford University

John Collins

2017 undergraduate, PhD at University of Minnesota

Stephen Sawyer

2018 PhD, Postdoc at FDA

Rafael Ramos

2018 master student, PhD at Wayne State University

Haiyan Li

2018 master, PhD at Upstate Medical University

Sarah Venn

2018 Undergraduate

Zhe Zhang

2019 Master, PhD at Syracuse University

Zhili Zhang

2019 Master

Yin Zhu

2019 Master

Shannon Theresa Mcloughlin

2019 Undergradaute, PhD at the University of Maryland