Our group has developed a technology toolbox that enables complex processing and printing of biocompatible thermoplastics, photosensitive hydrogels, and living cells. Recently, we developed a multimodal printing technology coined as Hybrid Laser Printing (HLP). HLP is capable of printing inch-sized constructs at a resolution of one micrometer by seamlessly combining 3 distinct modes of manufacturing into one versatile machine. HLP is able to print 3D structures that are either (i) technically challenging to print, and/or (ii) extremely time consuming to manufacture, and/or (iii) not possible with current technologies.

Multimodal Multiscale Multi-material Printing Platform

In collaboration with Horton lab at SUNY Upstate, we have developed large sized bone tissue constructs. Our work has been highlighted in the nationally syndicated SciTech Now’ program on PBS, among other local media outlets. 

Generation of bone tissue constructs using perfusion-based bioreactors

New light or laser-based processing of biomaterials were used to develop (i) new cellular models to study fundamental biology, (ii) materials with 'smart' properties,  or (iii) new optical devices. 

Femtosecond (Fs) laser processing of biomaterials for a range of bioscience applications

Our group started a new startup company (3DM) to democratize microfabrication capabilities! Our novel technology is capable of manufacturing precision microparts without the use of exclusive and expensive microfabrication cleanroom facilities. We have won multiple awards such as, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR Phase I) from The National Science Foundation (NSF) program, the ‘E&T Outstanding Innovation in the Manufacturing 4.0’ and the ‘Techconnect Defense Innovation Award’.

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