In collaboration with Henderson and Zheng labs, our lab has been awarded a NSF grant entitled – Single-Step Fabrication and Programming of Shape-Memory Polymers

Relevance Statement: Manufacturing technologies that employ smart materials have the potential to revitalize American manufacturing in diverse areas, such as aerospace, biomedicine, energy, and healthcare, through creation of devices that can perform dynamic functions that cannot be achieved by any current approach. This work will use integrated, interdisciplinary experimentation and simulation to contribute in-depth understanding […]

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Our lab has received a NIH R21 grant to develop new in vitro models to investigate how microvascular physiology regulates osteogenesis

Public Health Relevance – The role of blood flow within mammalian skeletal system, a process indispensable for bone homeostasis and regenerative fracture healing, remains poorly understood. To understand the role of microvascular physiology in regulating osteogenesis, this work will develop a novel in vitro human skeletal microvascular model using cells derived from human induced pluripotent […]

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