Thank you for your interest in undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral study at Syracuse University. The Soman lab’s primary interests lie in developing new bioprinting technologies with potential applications in regenerative medicine, drug screening and understanding disease pathophysiologies. Our current research projects focus on developing cell/tissue printing platforms using a combination of additive manufacturing technologies and naturally-derived & synthetic biomaterials.

Graduate Student Researcher: We look for highly motivated M.S./Ph.D. students, with a solid scientific background and interest in one of the following areas: CAD/CAM, instrumentation, optics, and polymer synthesis. Students will have an opportunity to get trained in optical experiments, cell-culture, and biomaterials.

Undergraduate Student Researcher: We always welcome outstanding undergraduate researchers to join our lab. Soman lab has a group of dedicated undergraduate researchers working along with our graduate students on cutting-edge research projects. In the end, many of our undergraduate researchers are co-authors of journal papers and they continue on to pursue graduate study at top graduate programs.

TO APPLY: If you are interested in joining our research group, please e-mail your CV to Prof. Soman (psoman[at]syr[dot]edu). About a week after you send your CV, please send a follow-up email if you have not received a response.

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